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There is an easy way to avoid battery failure.


Get a Free battery check.

Flat batteries are by far the biggest reason for a breakdown service to be called out.

If your battery is failing Murphy's law says it will totally fail at the most inconvenient time. When you have a problem with a customer, job, or when it is most inconvenient to you or your business you will have that breakdown. That failure can turn a customer from Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde or a slight problem with a job into a nightmare.

Did you know?

  • If your vehicle is driven infrequently or on short journeys the battery can quickly become drained or flat.
  • Driving your vehicle on regular and fairly long journeys on clear roads away from traffic jams will help to restore your battery power levels.
  • Prolonged use of your lights, heated screens, fan heaters and wipers during the winter will take a heavy toll on your battery.
  • The summer is no easier on the battery with the use of air conditioning, hands free telephone, security and music systems.
  • All batteries are not the same.
  • We offer free battery checks to all of our customers.
  • Vehicles perform best with a battery that has been designed for the vehicle model with the correct output specification and the correct size.

A battery is like your heart. You only notice when it fails.

If you could buy a heart what type would you buy?

Free Battery Check

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