Service Assistant - we take care

Better safe than sorry.


Take a Maintenance and Safety Check.

Keep yourself and your staff safe whatever the weather.

We all know 'stuff happens' and some of that 'stuff' can ruin your day, week or even longer. Problems can range from the inconvenience of a simple breakdown to charges of corporate manslaughter.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that you will avoid everything that can happen at least we can help you try to avoid some of it.

Our Maintenance and Safety Check includes:

  • Levels check and top up
  • Check underside of vehicle for damage and leaks whilst on ramp
  • Check steering and suspension for wear and damage
  • Check brake pads and discs for wear and tear
  • Check tyres for wear, damage and correct tyre pressures
  • Check operation of lights and electrics
  • Provide report at end

Maintenance and Safety Check Only £ with your Lubrication Service.

Ask or call your service advisor for more information.