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Is your vehicle fully juiced up?

Is your vehicle fully juiced up?

If you want your vehicle checked out bring it in for a levels, top up service and FREE Visual Health Check.

Did you know?

  • To ensure your Mercedes-Benz provides you with a long and trouble free life it is essential to maintain the correct fluid intake and levels in your vehicle.
  • Poor quality engine oil increases fuel consumption.
  • The correct level of antifreeze not only prevents coolant fluid freezing, it also helps prevent engine corrosion.
  • Engine blocks can be cracked if a vehicle is started when the coolant fluid is frozen.
  • Screen washer hoses can freeze and detach if the correct grade and level of screenwash in the washer fluid bottle is incorrect.
  • Engine wear increases if the Mercedes-Benz recommended grade of engine oil is not used and the oils efficiency is reduced if it is not topped up with the recommended grade of engine oil.
  • Running the engine on an oil level which has dropped too low can cause serious damage to your engine.
  • Fluids such as brake, power steering and clutch should not require topping up and if their level is low it could indicate a leak.
  • When your vehicle is serviced by your Mercedes-Benz Truck Authorised Repairer your levels will be checked, however with Mercedes-Benz Service Assist it may even be two years between services.

If you want your vehicle checked out bring it in for a Levels and Top Up Service and we will also give you a Free Visual Health Check.