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Keyhole surgery available here.

Keyhole surgery available here.

For dents, scratches, rips and chips, Mercedes-Benz will make it new.

Sometimes a small ding, dent, scratch to bodywork, tear in a seat, or chip in a windscreen can make a huge amount of difference to the value of a vehicle or anything else in fact. It changes the perception that people have of it.

Sometimes it becomes the thin end of the wedge and people lose interest in the item and begin to treat it shabbily because they see the fault every time they look at it. It no longer matters because it is damaged.

Craftsmen will make a small mistake in something they produce and despite the quality of the job it is the fault they see. Sometimes it is the customer who sees the fault and then their faith in the quality of all the work is lost.

When it comes to motor vehicles the difference between the value of a well looked after vehicle and one that is not can be readily seen in the part exchange price that one receives for the vehicle.

There are however other costs such as:

  1. The image your vehicle gives to your customer.
  2. The hidden message about your attention to detail when it comes undertaking work for them.
  3. The permission you imply to your staff to treat your assets badly.

The Mercedes-Benz vehicle you chose made a statement about you and your business. With modern technology we can repair that irritating ding, dent, or scratch to bodywork, tear in a seat, or chip in a windscreen at a price that will surprise you. By keeping up with small repairs your image will be maintained and the cost of these repairs should easily be recovered when it comes to resale values.

Small Repairs from £

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