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Too close for comfort?

Too close for comfort?

The law is changing, don’t get caught out.

Don't let EEC Directive 2007/38/EC cause you to fail your MOT or your Service Inspections.

Did you know?

The EEC has introduced new directives to reduce blind spots which occur in close proximity to high-sided vehicles. That is, those areas which the driver would often have an obstructed view of pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.

  • Relevant vehicles have to be fitted with a wide angle mirror and a close proximity mirror complying with Directive 2007/38/EC on the passenger side.
  • The provisions apply to goods vehicles 7.5 tonnes and over and certain goods vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes which have cabs of sufficient height to enable close proximity mirrors to be fitted at least two metres from the ground, and still be visible to the driver.

Simple Checker:

Is your vehicle under 3.5 tonnes? If yes, you are exempt.

Was your vehicle registered before 1st January, 2000? If yes, you are exempt.

Is it impractical to mount a close proximity and a wide angle mirror two metres from the ground which is visible to the driver? If yes you need to fit a device that will give the driver a total field of vision greater than 95% of that provided by a close proximity mirror and a wide angle mirror. This device may be a camera provided that at least the same field of vision is covered.

If no, you need to fit a close proximity mirror and a wide angle mirror.

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