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What type of star do you want?

What type of star do you want?

Fit genuine parts and save on vehicle downtime.

Whilst our parts are competitively priced, fitting inferior non-genuine parts can have many hidden expenses which can make them an even more expensive option than you might imagine.

When you take into account vehicle downtime in the event of failure, not to mention the stress it can create or peace of mind it can take away, fitting non-genuine parts can prove to be a very expensive option.

Murphy's law says that if something can happen it will happen. When you have a problem with a customer or job, or when it is most inconvenient to you or your business you will have a component failure.

That can turn one of your customer’s from Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde or a slight problem with a job you are on into a nightmare.

All Mercedes-Benz van parts fitted by your franchised dealer carry a full two year unlimited mileage, parts and labour warranty.

All Mercedes-Benz truck parts carry a one year unlimited mileage parts and labour warranty.

Ensure the parts you fit to your vehicles are manufactured to the same tolerance levels and pass the same levels of quality control as those supplied by your Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle dealer.

Ask or call your service advisor for more information.